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“Kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit, Warrior strength”   — Warrior Fitness 

Warrior Fitness encompasses the body, soul, and spirit. It is about setting goals and challenges.

Warrior Tough — it’s in the DNA.

A warrior beast is a mythical creature associated with strength, courage, and ferocity. These creatures are often featured in folklore, mythology, and fantasy literature. Examples of warrior beasts include dragons, giants, and sphinxes.

Bring out the Warrior living in your heart and fueled by your brain:

At the Gym:

1. Increase strength and power by lifting heavy weights.

2. Increase cardiovascular endurance by participating in high-intensity interval training.

3. Improve balance and coordination by performing functional movements.

4. Increase mobility by stretching regularly.

Outside the Gym:

1. Eat a balanced diet to fuel your workouts and promote muscle growth.

2. Get adequate rest for muscle recovery and regeneration.

3. Find ways to incorporate physical activity into your everyday life – take the stairs, walk or bike to work, etc.

4. Challenge yourself with new activities and workouts to keep your body and mind engaged.

Feed Your Spirit Man:

1. Spend time in prayer and meditation.

2. Read spiritual texts and books.

3. Participate in spiritual practices like yoga, mindfulness, and tai chi.

4. Connect with nature and be in tune with the environment.

5. Form a spiritual community or join one.

6. Practice gratitude and kindness.

7. Connect with a spiritual mentor or teacher who can provide guidance.

8. Attend spiritual retreats and workshops.

9. Set spiritual goals and intentions.

10. Spend time in silence.

Set goals — tough ones that require discipline, commitment, and determination. Accomplish these goals and then go and set higher goals.

That is a Warrior Beast within you. Let it go and see where it takes you.

Tell the world that you are a Warrior Beast. 


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