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Just Saying: Quarterback Tom Brady Rocks the Land of the Easily Offended with Remarks

Tom Brady Apologizes For Comparing Playing Football To Military
Tom Brady Apologizes For Comparing Playing Football To Military
“It was a very poor choice of words,” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Just Saying
Not a Tom Brady fan. Love football, however. I accept Tom’s apology.
But in the Land of the Easily Offended, Tom, you can expect an epidemic of butthurt and angry people to break out when words like those you use are taken literally.
But this is interesting:
You and author Stephen Crane, who wrote The Red Badge of Courage about the Civil War (published in 1894), could have formed a support group if he was alive.
This is what Crane, a once football player, said about how he wrote about the Civil War battle scenes:
Crane stated: “Of course, I have never been in a battle, but I believe that I got my sense of the rage of conflict on the football field, or else fighting is a hereditary instinct, and I wrote intuitively; for the Cranes were a family of fighters in the old days”.
He could have also interviewed Civil War veterans too. But that’s not clear.
Hundreds of thousands of veterans who sacrificed their lives so we could live in a free country would have forgiven you. They might have even laughed at the off-the-charts outrage of the Easily Butthurt in a country that touts the First Amendment.
I’m afraid I have to disagree with much of what you say and do on or off the field. But his is America, and I have said a lot of stupid and worse things and asked for forgiveness too.
On a footnote: I agree with your wife, Gazelle. You have taken too many hits to the head, and she might be worried that the only job you’ll have in a few more years is at Mcdonald’s. And she will have to drop you off at work and pick you up.
The job as an NFL commentator after retirement will be no more if you can’t combine two sentences.
I love watching you play, except when you and your arm destroy my football team on the field… You f…ballerina jerkoff!
Ooops, sorry, Tom. I apologize.