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Just Saying: Frankenstein is Unleashed and Threatens to “Burn Down” The Party of Lincoln

Trump Ready To ‘Burn It All Down’ If He Doesn’t Get His Way With GOP: NYT Reporter

Just Saying
By Raul Hernandez
Frankenstein unleashed is now holding a tiki torch, threatening to “burn down” the GOP.
It is inconceivable that many of the Village Idiots, lapdogs, racists, scavengers, political opportunists, and parasites, along with the gang at Fox, are now trying to put as much distance between themselves and the monster they created and showered with praise and applause along with breathtaking adoration.
Now, they want to avoid the Trump implosion and blame him for not seeing the obvious and drinking the Kool-Aid.
Now, the Orange Beast is in a rage, on the loose, and determined to torch MAGA Land and the Party of Lincoln.
This depraved, lying con man told Mo and millions of others who he was when he ran for president first time. And when he ran for reelection, 74 million fools voted to give him another four years at the White House.
Give him four more years and more opportunities to incinerate the world because his ego got bruised or start a war on a whim. Or to destroy American democracy.
What part of crazy did any of Trump’s crash dummies not understand?