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California Sheriff’s Deputy Charged with Unlawfully Possessing Assault Rifle

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Garmon has been charged with unlawfully possessing an assault rifle and tracer ammunition at his home, Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office stated.

“While I support the rights afforded to us under the Second Amendment, I also respect the laws of our state. It is illegal to possess an AR-15 assault rifle in California, and I expect everyone, including sworn officers, to follow the law,” District Attorney George Gascón said. “These weapons have repeatedly led to massive loss of life across this nation, and I fully intend to enforce the ban in Los Angeles.”

Garmon, 44, was charged with one felony count each of possession of an assault weapon and possession of a destructive device, officials stated.

As part of an investigation, a search warrant was served at Garmon’s home on April 8, 2020. An unregistered AR-15 assault rifle and incendiary ammunition were found in a closet.

The case is under investigation by the sheriff’s Internal Criminal Investigations Bureau.