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JUST SAYING: The Media’s Epic Failure on the Trump Indictment

Jon Stewart nailed it perfectly!
As a newspaper reporter for 31 years, including 18 years covering state and federal courts, Jon Stewart is right – the indictment is a boring legal procedure.
It is a formal written accusation of charges against a person or persons based on the available evidence.
Stewart sums it up best:
“Ohhh, were you reappointed? Were you depressed? Here’s why. Because you treated this like the final confrontation with Thanos, and then it actually just played out for what it was, a boring sh*t legal procedure at the very beginning of what would be a long, drawn-out laborious legal process…Law is boring as sh*t. Please continue to be let down by the expectations you motherf…ers created,” he said.
I agree.
This news game that the media is playing for profits, ratings, readership, titillation, and entertainment is being revved up for the Donald Trump Freak Show.
It’s crazy.
Every newsroom appears to be jockeying for position to read the political and legal tea leaves and peer into the crystal ball to find some rare or exclusive insight into this boring legal procedure.
Please stop treating the indictment papers as though they were Egyptian enigmas peppered with a slew of legal hieroglyphics that hide some ancient mystery, and only a select few can go on this esoteric journey — mostly reporters, lawyers, and TV pundits.
What say you, Jon Steward? 
“Epic f**king media fail!” he said.