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"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost." — Thomas Jefferson

Just Saying: Man’s Camera Inside the Social Security Resulted in Arrest, Closed Doors, Pushing and Police and DHS Showing UP



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Public employees hang up cameras throughout public buildings like Christmas tree lights, allowing others to walk into public buildings with cell phones. But God help anyone who presses the click-on button of these smartphone devices. Then, the world they live in explodes with paranoia, power plays, outrage, threats, and make-believe, impromptu rules they cut and paste on these buildings to bamboozle the public who want transparency and accountability.

I don’t watch 98 percent of these so-called “auditors” because most are nothing more than Clowns with Cameras who simply want to get a rise from people so they can put it on YouTube and make some money.

These clowns do more harm than good. But there are a handful of auditors on Youtube like Bay Area Transparency. He is polite and respectful. However, when it comes to pushing and shoving and knowing the law, he is the best.

What is sad is that millions of public officials and cops don’t know about the First Amendment and U.S. Supreme Court rulings arising from cases.
Much of the problem for this ignorance is the media, especially the local media, that are too lazy, intimidated, or clueless when it comes to covering serious issues like the First Amendment as it applies to public officials and law enforcement.

The news media, for example, in Santa Barbara, is a joke. They start newscasts with stories of lost dogs, wine, and other festivals and Summer concerts. Santa Barbara, like any city, has serious social, economic, and other problems.
However, if you listen to the local news, Santa Barbara is one big bouncy house.

Keep up the good work Bay Area Transparency and other serious citizen journalists with cameras.