This is what happens when you live in a fact-free universe and marijuana makes you believe you are the wisest man on the planet by offering simple answers to complex problems:



HBO’s Bill Maher commentary on “The Messaging Czar” is absurd. First, he conveniently forgets that there were 74 million people who voted in November to reelect a lying con man/sexual predator with the scruples of a sewer rat and IQ of a slug.

Republicans voted to give this orange scumbag lunatic four more years to have the nuclear launch codes in his pocket or capable of starting a war on a whim that could trigger the incineration of the planet.

If he had been reelected, Trump would have kept the U.S. out of the 2015 Paris Agreement climate change.  He pulled the U.S. out of the climate agreement in 2017.

Yet they still voted for this lunatic.

Maher is suggesting that we shouldn’t upset or remind those of what happened when they elected Trump and others like him the first time.

The GOP’s Orange Lord and Savior is still very popular among white nationalists and other bottom feeders. He blows his racist dog whistles; they come salivating and wanting more. David Duke, the Nazis and White Supremacists have endorsed Trump, the GOP standard-bearer.

The GOP wants to nullify and make void the votes and voices of people of color. Whites are terrified that the nation is turning brown, and they have to share social, economic, and political power with people of color.

Most of the 74 million Trump voters aren’t going to change.

Whites supremacists will use more ignorance, paranoia, and fear to win their votes. They want to remain in power, white power. It doesn’t matter whether GOP candidates are defeated at the polls.

They can always bank on desperation and a Big Lie. 

Maher believes he has all the answers. But, unfortunately, he is a simpleton who has no clue and often trafficks in distortions and half-truths, like saying that CRT is part of the curriculum in schools. Maher is a liar who uses gossip, anecdotes, and sob stories of white children being traumatized at school.

Yet, like the rest of them, Maher can’t point to any specific incident or evidence of CRT or anything similar taught in public schools.

White children traumatized, Maher says? Unfortunately, black and minority children have been traumatized for decades by the whitewashing of American history in public schools and Hollywood.

Granted, many fools of all sizes, shapes and colors are doing and saying stupid things without any facts to back up what they say, especially in public schools. School administrators should fire these teachers who are toxic in classrooms.

American history classes must only teach the facts — all of them, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

By Raul

Raul Hernandez is a former journalist. He has worked as a newspaper reporter for more than 30 years at the El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso Times, Press Enterprise in Riverside, California and the Ventura County Star in California. He was a court reporter for more than 20 years.

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