The week got off to a mighty, bad start: The Cowboys got torched — 30 to 16 on Sunday by the Broncos. The ten-point-favored Cowboys were humiliated. I punched out during the middle of the third quarter in the game and went to the gym. It was nearly empty. I didn’t want to be near a TV set.

Early Monday morning, the gym’s receptionist Jaime (Bronco fan) teased, but I took it in stride with my tail tucked between my legs, a gaping wound in my heart.

“I don’t believe the hype anymore,” I said with a stiff upper lip (yeah, right). “I’ve been a long-time fan.”

Still, pinche, Cowboys — Super Bowl contenders my ass.


There are so-called First Amendment Auditors that go into police departments, post offices, and other places to “test” whether they can video record there, citing Freedom of the Press.

Most are clowns with cameras who are trying to get a rise from public officials and others, including business owners, so that they can rack up views on Youtube.

Enough views and subscribers who watch the video recordings result in earning big paydays from Youtube.

police car at streetThere are others, however, who do a pretty good job and accomplish what they intend to do — educate public servants, including cops, along with business owners on the First Amendment.

An introductory course in federal laws and U.S. Supreme Court rulings are taught. But, along the way, some “auditors” are arrested and bullied by egotistical and ignorant cops who make the rules up as they go along.

 Also, it is fun to watch postal workers, in most cases, become fools protecting their fiefdoms.  Among these Youtube auditors, there are those that are very good and do tremendous community work in this area. 

Here are some examples of great citizen auditing in the U.S.:

Bay Area Transparency auditor is one of the best auditors out there.  Here is a video that is funny and puts these power-hungry clowns in their place:

This auditor — Long Island Auditor — is good, has a lot of heart, and knows the law. Here he exposes a cop caught on his body camera threatening to kill him.

This is Big Nick South Florida Accountability who kicks ass and takes names. He is fearless and knows the law. Big Nick is a bulldog:

Bay Area Transparency auditor shows how cops are willing to stretch the law to its limit to make an arrest and even lie about what they can and cannot do on public property.  The video is 53 minutes long but it is worth the time to learn about laws and how cops misapply them and back each other up regardless if they are wrong;

By Raul

Raul Hernandez is a former journalist. He has worked as a newspaper reporter for more than 30 years at the El Paso Herald-Post, El Paso Times, Press Enterprise in Riverside, California and the Ventura County Star in California. He was a court reporter for more than 20 years.

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