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Raul Hernandez has been a journalist for more than 30 years. He has worked at the El Paso Herald-Post, The El Paso Times, The Press Enterprise in Riverside County, California and the Ventura County Star in California.s

He has worked as a court reporter for more the than 19 years.

The first of Raul Hernandez’s three novels, “The Serape Notebook,” “Stepping on the Devil’s Tail” is and “The Dead Sea Bar and Grill” are available on Kindle and Amazon..

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  1. There is so much corruption and racism in Texas that minorities do not stand a chance! The state individuals running these agencies and rural area counties have the same mentality as our governor and attorney General and Trump! The federal government needs to investigate the racial disparities and intervene! Property tax lending companies take our property illegally yet the Texas Consumer Credit Commission, the Attorney General consumer division, and the county clerks and county attorneys do not protect the Texans from those predators! These predators use the notary publics to do their dirty jobs. They may be possibly laundering money through the counties but no one does anything about the fraudulent activities! These predators left me homeless but admit on paper that they were negligent, aided and abetted, violated the Deceptive trade act and Fair and Collective Act, Arbitration Act and even though I brought this fraudulent act, no one helped me keep my house in Yorktown Texas! I am disabled and indigent and can’t afford an attorney so I have been fighting these predators by myself! These predators admit to wrongfully foreclosing on my house but no one took action to this fraud that took place! I need help fighting these predators and filing a lawsuit against those who failed to protect me!

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